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How is it that food can be so confusing, when we eat every single day?

Knowing what will and will not cause cancer when you eat is extremely overwhelming for anyone, and yet you still have to eat every day, 3 meals a day.

That’s a lot of anxiety you are adding into your daily life.

Yet, because of epigenetics, we have the ability to keep cancer away through food, movement and our thoughts.

In this Masterclass, I am going to go over the fundamental principles that we should all be following to prevent and heal our bodies from the inside out.

You see, I approach food differently:

I teach cancer nutrition to my clients in a way that makes it so easy for them to change their eating behaviors.

I didn’t know what was healthy growing up and had to learn.

Because of that…I teach.

I don’t believe that meal plans actually work in the long run for a sustainable lifestyle.

I mean, you want to be able to go out to dinner and yet still make great food choices. Which you can’t do if all you are doing is a meal plan.

I actually break it down to be so easy that you will be able to sustain any long-term changes in your life.

What is the right diet to follow?
Is intermittent fasting right for you?
Should you be plant based?
What foods actually help kill cancer cells?
What foods do you stay away from?
What about supplements?

So it's not just "good vs. bad" like Weight Watchers, Noom or those other programs teach - we are going a layer deeper.

It is knowing that you have the capabilities to make great food choices that support your cancer journey.

This masterclass is for the novice - the beginner.

We are going to learn together the basic fundamentals of food and cancer.

You will leave this masterclass with the ability to confidently make great choices. In the most uncomplicated way!

As a BONUS, you will also receive:

  • Food Phytochemical Cheat-Sheet
  • Serving Size Cheat-Sheet

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