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30 Days and 30 Ways

to Reduce Your PTSD & Anxiety

from the Trauma of Cancer


These calming practices allow you to slow down your triggers and give you the ability to strengthen and increase awareness to intuitively cultivate our breath and body in sync with our nervous system.

By connecting your mind & body to regulate your nervous system, this is how we begin to feel safe in our bodies.

Through this guide, you will:

  • Learn how to reduce PTSD by tuning more into your body
  • Lower your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Learn how to regulate your mind and body for stress, which as a result of trauma becomes dysregulated.
  • This allows you to stop thinking that every ache and pain is automatically cancer.
  • Learn how to regulate your stress response system.

These simple practices are things anyone can do.

The body holds emotion. We have to release it. Allow the body to heal and feel safe.

Our bodies are the first responder to trauma. Trauma is stored in the body, which is why PTSD can oftentimes show signs through the body first.

How PTSD shows up for some can be, but is not limited to: Body tightness, tension, gastro problems, PTSD, depression, anxiety and unease.

As a result, when the body or brain are triggered, the automatic responses of "We aren’t in danger - it’s ok", aren’t able to regulate your brain and body and do its job. Then we start to spiral.

These techniques and simple practices will teach you how to tune in and be able to self-regulate your own nervous system for relief.

These are meant for anyone and everyone. They are to calm, balance and self regulate our bodies.