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Stop Living In Fear, 

And Start Actually Living Again

in 90 days or less


This course is for the self-led woman who just wants the roadmap.

She will be able to guide herself through every week on her own and at her own pace.

She doesn’t want community.
She doesn’t want accountability or support.
She doesn’t want guidance.

This program is for a woman who just needs to know the what so she can do the how.

This program is 12 weeks long and is self paced.

There are 3 levels of exercise, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There are transformational writing prompts that are going to walk you through the step-by-step process of letting go of your old life to move forward and embrace your new normal. You will have access to the tools to reduce your fear and anxiety within the first 4 weeks of integration of said tools.


Here’s just some of what you’d learn by joining:
● Why movement is the catalyst for change: Breaks down the importance of exercise and dealing with Lymphedema and Neuropathy (Module 1)
● The exact optimal workouts to get started, even from point zero - the weakest point post treatment (Module 1)
● The difference between coping and letting go (Module 2)
● Why you need to declutter your cancer items and put them behind you (Module 2)
● The importance of making amends with your past, and how to do so (Module 2)
● The importance of Yoga in healing the mind body connection (Module 3)
● How to use Yoga for not only healing, but improving compassion and self-love (Module 3)
● The exact Yoga techniques to follow (Module 3)
● How to embrace where you currently are in your journey (Module 4)
● Getting your brain back to 100% after chemo brain (Module 4)
● How to diagnose and fix any body imbalances that might be making you feel sluggish (Module 4)
● Rebuilding self-esteem and confidence (Module 4)
● Getting back to work and normal life after cancer (Module 4)
● Learning about meditation and how to actually use it to stop negative feedback loops (Module 4)
● Detoxing from all negativity in your life and focusing on a positive future (Module 4)
● Finding out your post-chemo diet (Module 5)
● The exact nutrition routine to follow (Module 5)
● A grocery store guide (Module 5)
● How to appreciate everything you’ve been through to become a stronger person (Module 6)
● Finding joy in your new life (Module 6)
● Figuring out healthy influences and boundaries (Module 6)
● How to reframe your mindset (Module 6)
● How to actually love yourself for everything you are (Module 7)
● Regaining confidence in your abilities and your body (Module 7)
● Loving yourself when you're naked in the mirror (Yes, really) (Module 7)
● Taking pride in every small victory you make (Module 7)
● Seeing light at the end of the tunnel (Module 8)
● Combatting survivor's guilt (Module 8)
● How to get rid of the pesky thing known as "anxiety" (Module 8)
● Getting your sleep schedule back in check, and your body fully optimal (Module 8)
● Finding purpose in your new life (Module 9)
● Restoring relationships with your partner, friends, family, and beyond (Module 10)
● How to get communication with your partner back in line (Module 10)
● Finally, having the sex life you crave again (Module 10)
● How to stress less and live more (Module 11)
● The difference between habits and rituals (Module 11)
● The perfect morning and night routines (Module 11)
● How to confidently live your life, even after the program (Module 12)
● And last, but not least: Living your best life! 


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